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User Case: Using 1stOncology to Identify Immuno-Oncology Drugs in Conjunction with Bone Metastasis

1stOncology and OncoBone, a specialist in oncology and bone diseases, recently published a peer reviewed article "Insights into immuno-oncology drug development landscape with focus on bone metastasis" in the journal Frontiers in Immunology (Impact Factor 7.3).

The novelty of this publication is based on 1stOncology, where we were able to identify novel therapies with targets or properties relevant to bone metastasis with promising data obtained during both early-stage and clinical development.

We are very pleased to see that 1stOncology could be such a substantial resource to dramatically improve the identification of immuno-oncology drug development related to bone metastasis and so rapidly provide the necessary data for this timely and very up to date publication.

Read the full paper here.

Citation: Kähkönen TE, Halleen JM, MacRitchie G, Andersson RM and Bernoulli J (2023) Insights into immuno-oncology drug development landscape with focus on bone metastasis. Front. Immunol. 14:1121878. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2023.1121878
Published: 05 July 2023.

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