Oxilio Acquisition of LSHS Consulting

On March 30, 2022 Oxilio, the pioneering oncology company, repurposing existing drugs to address unmet needs in cancer therapy, reported that it has acquired LSHS Consulting Limited in a share transaction (Press release, Oxilio, MAR 30, 2022, View Source [SID1234621607]).

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LSHS is a specialist life science consultancy firm established by Dr Dan Gooding, comprising intellectual property assets relevant to Oxilio’s OXL001 programme.

Dr Gooding was CEO of Nuformix plc until June 2020 and has significant experience in the pre-clinical and clinical development of formulations relevant to OXL001. Through him, Oxilio commenced discussions for the licensing of Nuformix’s NXP-001 cocrystal aprepitant formulation for the treatment of cancer.

Dr Gooding has been instrumental in helping Oxilio make rapid scientific and commercial progress with both our co-crystal and lipid-based formulation routes, in addition to the exploration of further formulation technologies which remain under evaluation. Dr Gooding also introduced Oxilio to TRx Biosciences and facilitated the negotiation of our exclusive licence to use TRX’s lipid platform technology with our aprepitant formulation, again for the treatment of cancer. Since that time, Dr Gooding has become a Director of TRx Biosciences.

As a result of the transaction, Oxilio secures continuing access to Dr Gooding’s expertise and know-how in both our lipid and co-crystal product development routes.

Dr Gooding has undertaken much of our formulation development work with the TRx scientists and provided the additional capability and expertise Oxilio requires to transfer this technology to Quotient Sciences for clinical trials.

We are looking forward to continuing close co-operation with Dr Gooding across a range of scientific developments at Oxilio.