Strategic Cooperation between GeneQuantum Healthcare and Biocytogen on Development of Antitumor Bioconjugates

On October 31, 2018 GeneQuantum Healthcare and Biocytogen reported that reached a Strategic Cooperation Agreement focusing on the development of next generation bioconjugates for tumor immunotherapy in Beijing on October 29, 2018 (Press release, GeneQuantum Healthcare, OCT 31, 2018, View Source [SID1234553996]). Based on their mutually beneficial complementary advantages, both companies agreed to integrate GeneQuantum Healthcare’s world-class bio-conjugation platform and Biocytogen’s tumor immunotherapy antibody drug development and evaluation platform to jointly develop a series novel bioconjugates for tumor immunotherapy and precision medicine.

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Dr. Gang Qin from GeneQuantum Healthcare remarked: "GeneQuantum Healthcare has built a diverse and innovative platform in order to face challenges in the biopharmaceutical field. GeneQuantum Healthcare has developed the intelligent ligase-dependent conjugation (iLDC) system based on the independently developed ligase-dependent conjugation (LDC) technology, which provides a systematic solution toward manufacturing next generation bioconjugates. On the other hand, Biocytogen has developed an efficient animal model production platform to screen and develop high-throughput antibody drugs for tumor immuno-oncology. We are excited to collaborate with Biocytogen, a partner that possesses unique features and top-level technologies that are extremely valuable in the process of developing next generation bioconjugates for tumor immunotherapy and targeted therapies to meet the yet unsatisfied clinical demands cancer patients worldwide. We believe this mutual win-win cooperation between these two emerging biotech companies will set a precedent and an example for biomedical intelligent manufacturing in China."

"Through the development of customized gene-edited animal models, Biocytogen can provide clients with high-quality services, including pharmacological efficacy evaluation and R&D of antibody drugs. The unique large-scale in vivo drug efficacy evaluation platform with tailored animal models and the efficient pilot antibody drug discovery process enable Biocytogen to provide pharmaceutical companies with fast and efficient services toward novel antibody drug discovery. Biocytogen is committed to becoming a world-class comprehensive CRO company specialized in biomedical R&D to advance human health. GeneQuantum Healthcare’s independent, innovative and world-class intelligent bioconjugate development platform is a leader in the industry," Dr. Yuelei Shen from Biocytogen said. "We hope to harness the integrated advantages of both GeneQuantum Healthcare and Biocytogen to jointly develop new and efficient anti-tumor drugs to satisfy the needs of patients in China and other countries."