The EndBrainCancer Initiative Announces Partnership with GT Medical Technologies, Creators of GammaTile Therapy for Patients with Brain Tumors

On June 30, 2020 The EndBrainCancer Initiative (EBCI) reported that GT Medical Technologies, manufacturers of GammaTile Therapy for Brain Cancer Patients, has joined EBCI’s roster of corporate partners (Press release, The End Brain Cancer Initiative, JUN 30, 2020, View Source [SID1234561599]). According to the EndBrainCancer Initiative, GT Medical Technologies is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with brain tumors through a promising new intervention in the treatment of brain cancer, GammaTile Therapy. Part of EBCI’s business model is to partner with other companies that are also offering promising new treatment options to treat brain cancer including metastatic disease to the brain.

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GammaTile Therapy is an FDA-cleared, Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) for patients with newly diagnosed malignant and recurrent brain tumors including primary and metastatic tumors. The small, bioresorbable GammaTile:

Is placed directly and surgically at the tumor site after the tumor is surgically removed.
Provides immediate radiation treatment to remaining tumor cells before they can replicate while preserving healthy tissue.
Means no additional trips to the hospital or clinic for standard radiation therapy
Allows patients to receive radiation treatment while going about their daily lives.
According to the EndBrainCancer Initiative, the partnership with will result in:

Education, Awareness & Outreach about GammaTile Therapy to a National audience of patients with brain tumors, their caregivers, medical practitioners, industry, and the general public with a total annual reach of over 18,000,000.
Patients facing surgery and radiation who contact EBCI’s "Direct Connect" Patient Services Program and Referral Clinic being provided with information about GammaTile Therapy
IMMEDIATE ACCESS to brain tumor specialists and cancer centers across the country where GammaTile Therapy is offered for those patients who express interest (to get connected please fill out a Patient Advocacy & Inquiry Form or call 425.445.2215).
"We are proud to welcome GT Medical Technologies as an EBCI Corporate Partner," commented Dellann Elliott Mydland, EBCI President & CEO. "Representing a breakthrough in delivering radiation, GammaTile Therapy is a triple win for patients with brain cancer that it:

Has been shown to delay brain tumor recurrence, potentially extending survival
Minimizes side effects and eliminates all those trips to the hospital or clinic that standard radiation requires.
Allows patients and their caregivers to focus on healing, doing those things that are important to them as well as time to explore all of their treatment options, which also include Standard of Care (SOC), advanced treatments, clinical trials and the Optune device."
"We look forward to bringing on additional Corporate Partners who share EBCI’s commitment to improving the lives and extending survivorship for this patient population and who are ‘moving the dial’ through making available new options for treating this disease." To become a Corporate Partner, please contact Dellann Elliott Mydland directly at [email protected], 425-785-8489 or fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form.