GenFleet Therapeutics Raises $75 Million in Series C Financing Led by Huagai Capital, to Advance Innovative Pipeline Highlighting Cutting-edge Therapies

On December 31, 2021 GenFleet Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a focus in cutting-edge therapies in oncology and immunology, reported the completion of $75 million (~500 million RMB) series C financing (Press release, GenFleet Therapeutics, DEC 31, 2021, View Source [SID1234597889]). This round of financing is led by Huagai Capital, with participation by new investors including Suxin Venture Capital, Cherami Investment Group, ABC International, DYEE Capital, Qiaojing Eastern Investment, Baidu Venture, and Wenzhou Capital. Existing investors including Lake Bleu Capital, Panlin Capital, Shanjin Asset, CDH Venture and Growth Capital, HM Capital also participated. Start Point Advisors act as the sole financial advisor.

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"We are grateful to Huagai Capital and other investors for their recognition of our strategy to develop cutting-edge therapies, our innovative discovery platform, and our differentiated pipeline in both small molecules and biologics. We believe that it is our unique strategy, platform and pipeline that can not only minimize but may even eliminate the uncertainties induced by the market fluctuations or investment cycles. We can therefore provide a sound foundation for continuous growth and to distinguish ourselves from an extremely competitive environment to bring to patients globally innovative therapies from China." said Dr. Qiang Lu, Co-founder and Chairman of GenFleet Therapeutics.

"GenFleet’s pipeline highlights our focuses in cutting-edge therapies with novel mechanisms and global IP. We have built a highly differentiated pipeline sustained by our proprietary discovery platform. As we expect more programs to move into late-stage clinical development in 2022, GenFleet will continue to march toward commercialization and globalization. We hope to help patients across the world through scientific breakthroughs and achieve positive financial results for our stakeholders." said Dr. Jiong Lan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GenFleet Therapeutics.

"HuaGai Capital feels honored to join GenFleet and to lead this round of financing. GenFleet is dedicated to serving unmet medical needs and we are impressed with its industry-leading progress as well as its efficient execution. Under the leadership of Dr. Lu and Dr. Lan, GenFleet truly stands out among competitors to bring life-saving treatments and better healthcare solutions to global patients." said Zhiqiang Zeng, Managing Partner of HuaGai Healthcare.

"We are pleased to lead this round of financing. GenFleet has established its proprietary R&D platform based on the deep understanding of disease biology and translational medicine. Its cutting-edge portfolio highlights innovative therapies with global IP, and we look forward to its prospects of globalization and long-term development in the industry." said Jingyang Zhu, Vice President of HuaGai Healthcare.