Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l. to present data on its ADC platform at the World ADC Summit 2023 in San Diego CA (Oct 16th-Oct 19th, 2023)

On September 25, 2023 Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l., a member of NMS Group S.p.A and a clinical stage biotech discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer, reported its participation to the World ADC 2023 summit that will be held in San Diego (CA) from October 16th to October 19th, 2023, with two poster presentations (Press release, Nerviano Medical Sciences, SEP 25, 2023, View Source [SID1234635387]):

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"NMS-P945 an unique opportunity for enhanced efficacy versus MMAE and deruxtecan"

NMS-P945 is a novel proprietary payload linker with DNA damaging mechanism and superior antiproliferative activity than MMAE and deruxtecan in chemoresistant models.

"A novel platform of diversified cytotoxins and targeted payloads to drive ADC innovation"

NMS has generated a portfolio of novel and diversified payload linkers selected through a rigorous approach that leverages our proprietary chemical collection. This strategy is aimed at identifying optimal match with individual tumor types and targets and reaching a new generation ADCs with foreseen improved selectivity and antitumor efficacy even in chemoresistant settings.

NMS is keen to establish partnerships to leverage the value of its novel payload linker platform by conjugation with selected partner antibodies to fully exploit platform features.