SomaGenics Awarded National Human Genome Research Institute Phase II SBIR Grant

On August 1, 2020 SomaGenics reported that it was awarded NIH grant, "Advanced Method for Preparing cell-free DNA Sequencing Libraries" to develop improved methods to study short cfDNA (especially ultrashort [<60nt]) fragments and their modifications which provide a more sensitive and accurate biological signal for the early detection of cancer and other diseases, according to Sergei Kazakov, VP Research and PI on the grant (Press release, SomaGenics, AUG 1, 2020, View Source [SID1234612315]). SomaGenics is pursuing this opportunity by developing its novel ss-cfDNA-Seq technology, HASL-freeTM-Seq (Hairpin Adapter Splint-assisted Ligation for range-extended Sequencing) for the sensitive and accurate detection of short and ultrashort ss-cfDNA.

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SomaGenics expects the research to contribute to the understanding of the full spectrum of the cfDNA population in patient samples and will enable the identification of potential biomarkers of a novel class—ultra-short cfDNA fragments and their modifications—further supporting efforts to develop liquid biopsy technologies for comprehensive early cancer detection and treatment.